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Then, in another surprising gesture, the story introduces a woman Lucille Shearer fleeing from society and publicity after a divorce scandal.

  • These films embody a highly independent spirit of off-Hollywood filmmaking that exploited topics forbidden by the mainstream studios, the Motion Picture Production Code, and most local censor boards.

  • She started her acting career occurring in the local stage productions.

In order to deliver these tales of sex, drugs, and nudity to a titillated public, their makers paraded their product in the socially redeeming value of educational lectures and reinforcement of morals through object lessons.

  • Police appeared at the theatre as the regular Sunday night show was ending and as persons planning to see the nudist picture were gathering outside.

  • To the extent that Sex Madness keeps its eye on a central narrative, it involves a small-town heroine Vivian McGill who won a beauty contest and came to New York in search of fame and fortune.

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