Selfies jungs - 🧡 Lee Jung Jae and BTS' V surprise fans with their selfie update

Selfies jungs

Jungs selfies BTS' V

Squid Game actors called 'ahjussi' or 'uncle' for their Instagram selfies

Jungs selfies Squid Game's

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Jungs selfies Squid Game

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Jungs selfies

Jungs selfies

Jungs selfies

Jungs selfies

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Lee Jung-jae shared the post in which the duo posed for a selfie inside a room.

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  • The ace actor shared the picture on his social media account.

The two pose closely together in comfortable clothing with dazzling smiles on their faces.

  • From the time we were briefly apart, we learned how precious everything is.

  • Lee Jung Jae mengungkapkan kebahagiaan atas pencapaian yang diterimanya saat ini.

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