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Farrell said: 'He was the first man I had ever been with who had such a beautiful body.

  • This woman has been one hell of a pillar of strength'.

  • Above she is pictured with daughter Shannon Lee at the opening ceremony of the Bruce Lee Exhibition in 1998 Brandt said: 'He had a magnetism that was indescribable.

It was the perfect fusion of East and West and the Washington Post said that he had a 'Cagney-esque cockiness and early Steve McQueen nonchalance'.

  • Biography With the nineties becoming cool among Generation Z for whatever reason, can we start calling beautiful women Betty's again? The inside story of Bruce's womanizing is revealed in , by bestselling author of American Shaolin, Matthew Polly.

  • We bet you'll like the Far East erotics of Betty Chen! She felt he was suffocating her - always wanting to know where she was going and with whom,' the book states.

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