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John Turturro Oh Brother, where Art Thou? Attempting to avoid her father's fate, she joins a criminal organisation called the Pact to steal a virus able to cure her hereditary condition.

  • After having written 64 issues of Harley Quinn's ongoing series, Conner and Palmiotti's acclaimed five-year run ended with the 34th issue of the series in December 2017, with writer and artist Inaki Miranda taking over the title.

  • This Is Now The Outsiders Nicolas Cage Land of Destiny Matchstick Men Gone In 60 Seconds It Could Happen To You The Short Cut Heard otherwise? Harley Quinn also has a pair of pet hyenas, Bud and Lou, which she can order to attack her opponents.

She received additional nominations in the same category for the television film 1988 , in which she portrayed , and the miniseries 1988-1989 , for which she was nominated twice consecutively in addition to receiving another nomination.

  • Unfortunately I couldn't find this exact clip before deadline.

  • I thought someone had done a Frankensteinian surgery.

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