Queen naija only fans - 🧡 Queen Naija Accused Of Keeping Chris Sails Away From Their Son In Messy Feud: She's Not Letting Me See Him!

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Queen Naija has been practicing this concept for years, so much so that she has built a hive-like following.

  • This means so much to me! It would be recalled that Queen raised eyebrows last night during the jacuzzi party as she all over Cross who has become popular for his energy on the dance floor.

  • Because the album went in a completely different direction you can appreciate Queen Naija taking a page out of the Bryson Tiller playbook Mulatto is having a year for herself as well.

This is her bag, the majority of the back half of this album relies on her ability to harmonize over airy dark beats.

  • Queen Naija, who released her debut album missunderstood this past week, has quietly been on a feature run over the past 2 years.

  • Between crisping hairlines and running the shop, Naija throws in some sultry choreography with her line of beauticians while Ledé stuns in scenes alone.

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