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On being ugly

Ugly on being Robert Hoge:

Ugly on being What Does

Bullied Teen Who Killed Herself Apologized for 'Being Ugly'

Ugly on being BIBLE VERSES

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What It's Really Like to Be an

Ugly on being 5 Benefits

Ugly on being

Ugly on being

Ugly on being

Ugly on being

Ugly on being

Why even attempt to look trendy when you'll still resemble a deformed cockroach after blowing all of your money on Versace? But don't surrender too much power to them.

  • Why would you even want to try? And I had scars running across my face that looked like train tracks coming into Grand Central Station.

  • Maybe one of the people I met that night will read this post and recognize themselves.

In other words, you should probably be aiming to date someone who also sits at the lower end of the attractiveness scale.

  • You are on the less attractive end of the scale.

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