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Zoe Sugg #46 Another year with no Zoe bling but #nodadbods bought little Pay a teething ring

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 Zoe nackt Sugg Zoe Sugg

One for Sorrow (The Magpie Society, #1) by Zoe Sugg

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What does Zoe Sugg and Alfie DeyesÔÇÖ baby name Ottilie Rue mean?

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Zoella: Latest News, Pictures & Videos

 Zoe nackt Sugg

 Zoe nackt Sugg

The police have closed their case but there may be more to the story than meets the eye.

  • The 2 main characters and how they spoke came across unrealistic and annoying at times.

  • I thought the Ivy chapters were much better in terms of writing and character- still flawed, but better.

There was a little twist at the end.

  • She and Alfie have a black pug named Nala.

  • Source: Facebook Social Media Zoe is a social media star and rose into fame through her blog.

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